2022-02 Member Meeting

The March MEMBERSHIP MEETING will be Wednesday, March 9th at 9 am – at Forrest Hall in Chatham Mills.

The Board and membership decided to survey the members about how the PBA is doing. Please take the survey and send/forward the link to other businesses who may not be on the PBA email list but you know would want us to know their opinion. The survey link will be posted on the PBA Shoppittsboro.com website and will be put on Chatlist, and will be on the Pittsboro Town website.

Please take it. It should take only about 3 minutes according to Survey Monkey.



Membership dues were due in January. Please go to the website Shoppittsboro.com to join for the 2022 calendar year. If you need an invoice contact, Cindy Schmidt.

February Membership Meeting Notes

  • Cindy from the Chatham County Historical Association told us the Association would have a program on the NC Revolutionary Regulators on Sunday, Feb 20th at 2 pm at the Historic Courthouse at 9 Hillsboro Street. As always the program is free.
  • Melissa from Chatham Magazine said the April/May edition will feature downtown Pittsboro, Women of Achievement, and Home and Garden. They’re also starting a new annual magazine, The Triangle Weekender in May…get your copy in NOW!
  • Scott Dunham from Tarheel Getaways says travel is opening up!!
  • Karen Tiede reminded us to get our events to her for the ShopPittsboro website. She also reminded all the members PBA would be having First Sunday in March and to think about what do in their stores for the day.
  • Mary from New Horizons and New Horizons West said her winter clearance sale at both stores will happen Feb 26 thru March 6.
  • We were happy to see Jaques from French Connections and Cathy from Great Clips!
  • Ann Fitts from Chatham Economic Development, and Phillip Pappas talked about the Small Business Center and the Chatham Spark Program. For more info, come the meetings and talk to them or give them a call! The Food Service Bootcamp is going well and providing information for starting your own retail food businesses. If you’ve missed the sessions so far, they’ll be repeated at least once a year.
  • Greg from Sycamore said if you haven’t gotten your Valentines reservations yet, you may not get any. The staffing shortage everywhere is still affecting how many reservations can be offered.
    J.A. Farrell, Pittsboro Commissioner, joined us for the first time. Welcome!

NCDOT Presentation about widening Hillsboro Street

The speaker at the February meeting was in fact several speakers. The NC DOT did a presentation and Q & A about the widening of Hillsboro Street.

The project will resurface Hillsboro St. from the traffic circle to Launis Street, widen from Launis Street to Powell Place Lane: existing 2-lane to proposed 3-lane section, sidewalk on the west side and multi-use path on the east side. The project is about 1.8 miles. The middle turn lane will be 12 ft wide. The right of way will have a width of 36 feet of pavement and will have impacts out to 74 feet.

Right-of-Way purchases are budgeted at ~$3,861,000, utilities relocation are budgeted at ~$1,295,000, and the cost of construction at ~$10,200,00. The total budget is ~$15,356,000.

Right-of-Way acquisition will begin this summer with road construction to begin Spring 2025 and scheduled to last 2 years. The construction contractors will be required to always have 2 lanes of traffic open.

Mr. Jeffrey Stroder is the Project Manager and can be reached at jstroder@ncdot.gov.

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