2021-10 October member and annual meeting

The November MEMBERSHIP MEETING will be Wednesday, November 10th at 9 am – at Forrest Hall in Chatham Mills.

PBA will participate in Small Business Saturday, November 28th by hosting the gift wrap and a passport for the day. Pick up your passport at the Welcome Center.

PBA members need to volunteer for the gift wrap – please email Pam Fulk (PamFulk@gmail.com) to pick a time.

Membership dues will be due in January of 2022. Please go to the website Shoppittsboro.com to join for the 2022 calendar year. You’ll also be receiving a reminder email with an invoice attached.
October was The Annual Meeting:

Nominations and Election to the Board:

There were 11 people nominated for 5 available seats: Cindy Schmidt, Stephanie Olness, Jamie Hitmar, Maria Parker-Lewis, Debbie Andleton, Lorie Barker, Tiana Thurber, Kathie Russell, Janeth Moran, Megan Ribbing, and Heather Johnson.

An email was sent to all members of PBA and votes tallied from those that returned their votes either via email or in-person at the membership meeting. Cindy, Jamie, Stephanie, and Maria were reelected for another two-year term and Debbie Andleton from Chatham Park was elected for a two-year term. That means your Board for 2022 will be:

  • Pam Fulk
  • Maria Parker-Lewis
  • Stephanie Olness
  • Jamie Hitmar
  • Cindy Schmidt
  • Scott Dunham
  • Jacques Dufour
  • Debbie Andleton


Thanks to all the members for being willing to support the Pittsboro Business Association with your time and your talents. With the enthusiasm for PBA Board positions this election generated, the upcoming year should be fantastic!

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