2023-01 Member Meeting

Meeting Notes: From the Board

Cindy Schmidt, Membership, requested your ideas for speakers for the coming year.

Tiana Thurber suggested a speaker on how to make use of social media for your small business.

If you have ideas, email Cindy at Schmidt.cindy@gmail.com.

To keep your business on the ShopPittsboro website, please pay your annual dues. Either via the website, the PO Box (PO Box 107, Pittsboro, NC 27312), or hand it to one of the Board members at a meeting.

The next meeting will be the second Wednesday, February 8th at 9 am at the Sycamore in Chatham Mills, Pittsboro. Bring a friend!

Meeting Notes:

From the Speaker
Shannon Culpepper, the Recycling and Education Specialist from Chatham County’s Department of Environmental Quality spoke to us about what/how/why and why not to recycle in Chatham County.

  • The Collection Centers collect your recycling, a truck comes and takes it to a MRF (materials recovery facility) where it’s loaded on conveyers, sorted (by people and automation) and then sent/sold to recyclers. To see a short video (2.5 min) about how MRFs work: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7CFE5tD1CCI
  • Cans: aluminum and steel, just empty and rinse, don’t crush, no worries about labels
  • Cardboard: no food/grease, just empty and flatten
  • Paper: nothing smaller than a 3×3 post it (the conveyer machines loose it!!), envelopes with windows are fine, paperboard (heavier than paper, lighter than cardboard) is fine, envelopes with the super-sticky stuff is fine, NO shredded paper (too small for the conveyers)
  • Glass: empty, rinse, put in glass recycling (no lids!!)
  • Recyclable Plastic Bottles, Jugs, and Jars: (rule is they have a neck smaller than the base), empty, rinse, leave the cap/lid on, remove the pump. This includes water bottles. Don’t crush, leave them large for the conveyers.
  • Recyclable Plastic Tubs: (rule is they have a lid you can put back on), empty, rinse, leave the lid on. Single serve yogurts (and equivalents) are trash, not recycling. They don’t have a lid you can put back on, most are not made of recyclable plastic.
  • Plastic Clamshells – trash, NOT recycling……yet. Not made to recycle-so tell the folks you get them from to quit it!
  • Plastic Cups – trash, most are not plastic that can be recycled. So quit it and use paper 🙂
  • ALL recycling must be loose, not bagged. A bag is opaque to the folks on the conveyer and they’ll toss it as trash rather than let it contaminate different bins. And they don’t have time to open the bags.
  • Grocery plastic bags-MRFs don’t recycle these as they gum up the conveyers – recycle them at the grocery store! The truck that delivers food to the grocery store, takes the used bags back to the distribution center where they make a BIG pile and deliver that pile to a specialty recycler. Any plastic that stretches a lot before it separates goes here. Think cleaners bags, etc.
  • Scrap metal: aluminum pans, trays, foil->Not regular Recycling but drop off in the specified bin in the Collection Center.
  • Other questions? Go here: www.chathamcountync.gov/recycle
  • Everyone at the meeting got a great decal for their recycling bin that summarizes all of the above. Sorry you missed it!

Who was there….and their news!

Betsy Elbogen from Perch reminded us any potential renter gets a tour and 1/2 day free!

Pam Fulk, PBA Pres thanked everyone for coming to the Christmas party and wishes all PBA businesses success in the New Year!

Jennie Knowlton, the Quiltmaker Cafe, PBA Board member said Quiltmaker Cafe is partnering with Carolina Brewery on Feb 7th in Dining For Dollars. Eat at the Brewery and support the Cafe.

Tiana Thurber, Reclamations, PBA Board member said Reclamations will be at the Pittsboro Bizarre Night Market Feb 10th at the Plant. Come down and see all the vendors!

Faith Nager, To The Point Bookkeeping, PBA Treasurer was happy to be at the meeting and looking forward to tax season!

Maria Parker-Lewis from the Sycamore, Forrest Hall and 39 West Catering reminded us of Wednesday evening jazz night and lounge menu in the Sycamore. Thursday nights have a $10 Lounge menu! Forest Hall is having a Wedding Expo January 22nd, tell all prospective brides, and mothers!

Ann Fitts from Chatham Economic Development Corporation gave an update on VinFast and Wolfspeed. Wolfspeed is having a supplier day to find vendors for all kinds of needs: more info here

Stephanie Olness, PBA Secretary, owner of Gathered Home had a great Christmas Season!

Mari Trosclair – Fathom Realty, came as a guest and will be joining!

Karen Tiede, Red Tuxedo, the PBA webmaster reminded us to get our events to her for the shoppittsboro webpage.

Cindy Schmidt, Chatham County Historical Association & Museum, PBA Membership. The Annual Membership meeting is Sunday, February 19th at 2 pm in the courtroom at the Historic Courthouse, 9 Hillsboro Street, Pittsboro. The speaker will be Dr. Ted Scott Henson reenacting Redcap Howell, a Regulator.

We missed YOU! See you Feb. 8th at 9 am at Sycamore in Chatham Mills

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