2021-05 May Member Meeting

We will have a Summerfest on July 4! It will look a bit different than past years but the Town of Pittsboro, PBA, and Mainstreet Pittsboro, are dedicated to put it on and get people out! Make your business plans now to take advantage of the event! Salisbury and the town lot are being looked at as the probable location. But if you’re store isn’t open, you can’t take advantage of the foot traffic.

Mike Dasher, Chatham County Commissioner, spoke to the members on May 12.

  • Most County department will be open in person in the next couple of weeks. The Commissioner meetings will be with the public by July.
  • County Budget process is going on now! By law the County must have a budget in place by June 30th. There was a public input session this last Monday and there will be another in-person on May 17th at 6 pm at the new Ag Building on West Street. Or you can give your comments to the County Managers office or to Mike.
  • The new budget is staff heavy, adding staff in the planning department (permitting, inspection, water shed protection). For sustainability, funds are going to solarizing existing buildings EV charging stations, and transitioning the county vehicle fleet to hybrids.
  • Chatham County schools has the new Seaforth High School opening this fall so there will be additional operational funds allocated there and there will be funding for a supplement to teachers salaries.
  • As the County is growing in population a unified development ordnance is starting to be developed. It was originally going to be a 4-year effort but will be shorter now. Plan Chatham will be integrated into the UDO.
  • The county property out on Renaissance Drive will see more county building in the next few years with the Chatham County Schools Central Service facility and the Emergency Operations Center set to go out there.

Chris Kennedy – Pittsboro Town Manager

  • Pittsboro is going through the budget process. The next public hearing will be May 24th.
  • Pittsboro has their Discharge Permit! This affects many things: the sewage line to Sanford, the water recovery plant in Chatham Park, as well as waste water and sewer capacity in downtown Pittsboro.
  • Town Hall financing will be applied for from USDA soon with construction itself in 2023.
  • The circle is still under construction. All parties are working together to resolve any sticking issues and work goes ahead with the new ADA ramp and steps in front of Screaming for Vintage which should be done in the next couple of week.

Member News:

  • Sycamore at Chatham Mills, Greg Lewis updated us on the opening. Forest Hall is booking NOW and has been having events. 39 West Catering is doing more catering and as long as they can get gas for the catering vans is doing well!
  • Scott from Tar Heel Getaways let us know there are cruses going! Just fly to them as they’re not out of the US yet. But if you want out of your house? Dream Vacations!
  • Perch! CoWorking on Hillsboro Street in PBO has restarted their happy hour and will restart yoga in the near future. It’s a great place for an office outside your house!
  • Visit the Chatham Historic Museum for a tour of Chatham History. Visit on Sunday, May 23rd at 2 pm and hear Dr. Ted Henson, college history professor reenact Rednap Howell, a spokesman for the Regulator movement. Rednap will tell us about his impact on political representation in the back country of North Carolina.
  • Find out more about Mainstreet Pittsboro and the town and businesses of Pittsboro at the Welcome Center now open Wednesday thru Friday 11-5 and Saturday 10-5. You’ll find art on the walls to vote for as part of the Silver Arts of the Senior Olympics. You’ll also find Chela Tu volunteering there to find out about commercial real estate in town.
  • Cathy Dingman from Great Cuts is looking for stylists!! Come for a hair cut and stay to cut hair!
  • Chela Tu from Bold Real Estate has commercial space available in downtown Pittsboro. Contact her at chela@boldnc.com.
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