2021-01 January Member Meeting

From the Board

We hope your holidays were as good as they could be considering COVID.

With the New Year, the Board wants to remind members what PBA is about:

  • PBA’s mission is: “to promote the healthy economic climate of Pittsboro and provide support for member organizations.”
  • PBA does its mission via member meetings with speakers, access to local town and county representatives and holding events normally located in downtown Pittsboro.

PBA does not exist without members. PBA strives to create an environment of community among businesses and organizations in Pittsboro and present ourselves as a block of like-minded organizations whose goal is to keep Pittsboro a vibrant small town in the midst of new development so the quaint and the new compliment each other and people are drawn to both.

PBA needs your membership dues for the 2021 calendar year. Pay on line here. Please contact membership if you need an invoice and don’t have one.

PBA elects Board members every October at the annual membership meeting.

The Board then elects Officers (President, VP, Treasurer, & Secretary) at the November meeting. Officers begin their term in January.

PBA has several Committees: Events, Marketing, & Membership. All need members to complete their tasks. Please email PBA at downtown.pittsboro@gmail.com.

Speaker: Chris Kennedy, Pittsboro Town Manager

Chris reviewed with the circle construction project:

  • The project started Jan 11th and is due to be completed at the end of October, 2021, in time for the holiday shopping season.
  • The beginning of the project will remove the islands around the circle.
  • The next phase, to begin a week later, will detour all circle traffic to the west side of the circle and will do all the underground and surface work to the south, east, and part of the north side of the circle.
  • The next phase will re-route traffic again and complete the surface work on the west side of the circle

DOT has told the Town of Pittsboro, barring weather or other uncontrollable circumstances, the road work will be completed by the end of October, 2021.

The Town of Pittsboro is also working water line construction into the circle construction on the east side of the circle and down East Street.

The PBA members present asked questions and made comments about the construction.

The building that was Second Bloom will be demolished by its owner and that entire southwest side turned into SoCo: A restaurant destination location for Pittsboro.

Chris talked about Chatham Parkway, south of Hwy 64 and the timeline, which is years out.

Chatham 250

Chatham County is 250 years old in 2021 and there are opportunities for participation!

Saturday, April 10th from 2 pm – 5 pm there will be a drive-thru event at the parking lot between Salisbury and Hanks Streets (across from Postal Fish and City Tap and behind Circle City Books).

There will be several stations: Art, History, etc. Chatham 250 plans on handing out 100-150 gift bags for the cars that drive through.

Chatham 250 would like downtown to participate with swag. To find out how contact: Mallory Peterson. PBA would like to support Hillsboro businesses that will be open with balloons outside their business. Please contact Maria Parker-Lewis to get your balloons if you’ll be open.

Stay tuned to find out more about Chatham 250 and how you can participate. The official Chatham 250 website will go-live in early February.


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