2020-07 July Member Meeting

Summer Shop Local Campaign

The Pittsboro Business Association would like to hold a summer Shop Local series to promote our member businesses. Our Events Committee has come up with an idea and we need your feedback as soon as possible so that we can get this to our Promotion Committee if there is enough interest to carry it out.
Bi-weekly themes would be created and communicated to member businesses. Each business would create their own event or promotion based on these themes. Themes could be “Beach Week” , “Back to School” or general, fun themes possibly based on “National” themes like “National Chocolate Day”. The PBA would market these themes on our website and social media. Businesses would promote events on their own sites and social media pages. FILL OUT FORM. (or copy and paste: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeGHbJtyHc0v5TC2PiS05EdLK7I_A0jGiyD1VwgnESczgtZYw/viewform?vc=0&c=0&w=1)

  • Pittsboro cancelled August First Sunday
  • The membership survey had several interesting results. It was sent to 55 members and ~ 16 non-members. 23 responses. (Many thanks to those who responded.)
  • Why be a member of PBA? 1/2 thought together we can bring more customers to individual businesses and 1/2 said they support local organizations and events.
  • Respondents wanted PBA to: (in order of preference) (ties have the same number)

1 hold events that draw people to the local area,

2 market their business, 

2 advertise outside the local area, 

2 communicate with local governments about business issues and 

3 provide opportunities for local business people to gather.

  • Respondents spend marketing time and money:

1 website

2 emails

2 print materials

2 e-newsletter

3 Facebook


Prize winners were:

2 tickets for Carolina Tiger Rescue: Lorie Baker

Fish Window Cleaning: Kasandra Granger

Copy of 1870s Ramsey map from Chatham County Historical Association: Seth Wood


The August MEMBERSHIP MEETING will be Wednesday, August 12th at 9 am – on Zoom


Terry Schmidt-Chatham CERT

Chatham CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) talked to the group about preparing your business and yourself for hurricane season.

Even in the time of COVID there will be additional emergencies, like hurricanes – so PLAN NOW.

Statistics show after a natural disaster over 70% of small businesses without a plan will not reopen or will go out of business within 3 years. He then reviewed what businesses can do to plan. Contact CERT for more information.


From the membership…

  • Michael Fiocco said NCDOT is still going to change the circle, the recent budget problems haven’t changed that. Utility lines are still being buried in preparation. Chatham Parkway is still going forward. It will take truck traffic from the circle. The long term project will be worked on until completion, probably 2027. The town of Pittsboro has submitted (for the fourth time) the sewer plan to the state and awaiting a response. The next draft of the UDO should be out late August.
  • Greg Lewis announced Roadhouse will close July 13th after eight years. But Greg will open a steakhouse at Chatham Mills as soon as possible!
  • Pam Fulk from Carolina Tiger Rescue invited us to the International Tiger Day 5K virtual run. The summer camp is full!
  • Jacques Dufour from French Connections said they were open on the First Sunday of the month and were continually busy. People were in town looking for something to do and came in the store. Which is good news for everyone!
  • Melissa Crane from Chatham Magazine said the June/July issue is ready. The magazine will remain aspirational but now include current cultural issues.
  • Ann Fitts at Chatham County EDC said to check with them about government programs during this time of COVID.
  • Stephanie Olness from Gathered Home said she’s making way for new merchandise and so it putting everything in the store on 25% off!
  • Karen Tiede is the PBA website designer and manager. Let her know of any events or changes and she’ll update your page on the shoppittsboro.com site. Thank you Karen!
  • The Chatham Historical Museum won’t be open for awhile yet as our volunteers are in high risk categories for COVID. If you need anything please email Cindy Schmidt at Museum@chathamhistory.org


Membership Survey Brief Summary

  • The membership survey was sent out to 55 members and about 16 non-members. 18 members responded and 5 non-members responded.
  • There were 4 questions and one request to volunteer for PBA. 11 people entered the drawing.
  • 9 People said they were a member because “Together we can bring more customers to our individual businesses.”, 8 because “I and my business support local organizations and their events.”
  • The top 4 things respondents would like PBA to do: 1. Hold events that draw people to the local area, 2. Market your organization via the PBA website, 3. Advertise outside the local area, 4. Communicate with local governments about business issues.
  • The top 4 places respondents spent their marketing time and money were: 1. website, 2. emails, 3. print materials including business cards, rack cards, postcards, 4. e-newsletter.
  • 5 people volunteered to be on one or more committees!!! Thanks – we’ll be contacting you.
  • Many, many thanks to those that responded. If you still want to add your voice, email me: Schmidt.cindy@outlook.com.
  • The Board will review all the data from the survey and discuss how it should impact how PBA plans.


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